Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lollipop Girl

lollipops, lollipops, lollipops

If last week you would have said to me, do you know what a Kaffe Fassett fabric was, I would not have been able to answer that question. Brenda sent me the lollipop pattern, I was just amazed, and I was hooked immediately.

I ordered some silk thread right away, spend a lot of time online looking at fabrics. After talking to Gay I was really surprised to find that one of our area quilt shops carried his fabric. I had never noticed it before, if you look at my fabric closet you will see almost nothing else except reproduction fabric. My closet is about 99% reproduction fabric, most of it just civil war fabrics. Civil war fabrics and 1930s fabrics is really all I have ever used except for some novelty fabrics for quilts for my grandchildren.

When I look at the fabric, I thought this is so out of the box for me, so far out. I guess it is not even close to the box, but the fabric is absolutely so beautiful and happy.

For those of you that have not ordered any fabric, I spent hours looking at the website at Glorious Color. I can't believe what a beautiful selection they have. It wasn't until I actually went to the fabric store and looked at some fabric that I could actually come home and place my order. Of course I've probably ordered enough fabric to do two or three quilts, but I'm sure that it will get used. I am waiting for my fabric to arrive , I will post pictures when it comes.

I could not leave the store without purchasing some fabric, this is a three-quarter Yard piece of fabric, I am amazed at how many different pieces of fabric you can cut out of one piece. Every fabric is so different, some of them have a much larger repeat than others.

I am looking forward to sharing your journeys and mine with you. I have really loved all of your photographs and your writings, I went back and read every single one of them. It is so inspiring to see everyone's work. Everyone has their own unique style and choice in picking fabrics and yet everyone is so beautiful.

Waiting for my mailman to bring my package of Kaffe Fassett Fabrics.

Happy Appliquéing,
Rosemary Youngs


  1. Fabulous Fabric..the colours are just Gorgeous...welcome aboard.

  2. Maree I did not own a piece of Kaffe fabric either until this blog started. LOL
    Now I have 5 pieces.
    Yummy fabric

  3. OH Rosemary I am so glad you decided to join in the fun
    the lollypop quilt is just fun isn't it?
    can't wait to see your first block and oh throw in a few repros just because you can :)

  4. I am also new to Kim's patterns and am getting ready to start the Lolly Pop quilt. Isn't it going to be fun.

  5. Hello to Rosemary. Look forward to seeing your "Glorious Color" fabs. They are a bit different than CW. ;) That Miss Brenda is quite an enabler.

    I was looking for more blues at Expo. Throwing them into the washer, I discovered that I had purchased the same design from two different vendors.

  6. Your fabrics are lovely--I bought my first Kaffe early this spring, and haven't stopped. I look forward to seeing your blocks--glad you joined us.

  7. My stash held mostly repros and 30's until I started my first of Kim's patterns too. I ordered the kit and added in from there.
    Working with the large scale prints and saturated color was VERY outside my box too. It's great fun though. It kept me motivated to keep working along because I was so anxious to see my finished quilt. I think you're going to love working with those fun patterns and searching the fabric for just the right image to fussy cut? :)

  8. This is the best club you've ever joined, Rosemary! Have fun and enjoy!

  9. Love that fabric you bought! Do I have that one? Will have to check my iPhone app and see if it's there or Rob may have to go shopping in Grand Rapids for me.
    Have fun fellow Kaffette!

  10. If you click http://tumbletalk.blogspot.com/2010/04/willies-latest.html
    you'll see a quilt made using Kaffe fabric combined with Jo Morton reproduction fabric. It looks great! Kaffe fabric also looks good mixed with 30's fabric.

  11. The fabric you picked up is jaw dropping, Rosemary!! I'm waiting for my Kaffe to arrive too.

  12. Mmmmhmmm. You make me smile, Rosemary. I have LOVED Kaffe and Amy Butler fabrics, but they were oh so bold and saturated. I collected them, admired them and they sat on my shelves...until along came Flower Pots!!! The rest is history. ; ) Welcome to the wonderful, not shy, world of bold, vibrant, saturated patterns and colors. I look forward to sharing the journey with you and the others too. Welcome indeed, and thank you for this opportunity and experience! Such FUN!!!

  13. Help! I think we've created a wonderful, happy Kaffette Monster! Rosemary, you're the best!
    Last year in Kaffe's workshop in Jonesboro, he told us to mix his fabrics with "those Civil War fabrics you love so much." And so I am...and so should you all.
    Yep, Mary, I guess I am an 'enabler.' People take off on their wonderful projects, and I sit back a watch with joy as they progress to finished quilts, eh? Glad you got those blues...
    THis is such fun! As for me,I should have left the skeleton pear on my block. I've put three other pears down..my background is almost worn out!
    Take time to stitch a little..

  14. Heh heh heh Rosemary! Join the club! I also have a store room full of reproduction fabrics. But I love the Kaffes. They're happy fabrics that make happy quilts. Love to see your first block!Kim McL

  15. Thank You All, I am patiently waiting for all of my fabric to arrive. Brenda, you have created a very happy Kaffette monster as you said. Anyone that looks at any block on this whole website has to say happy, happy, happy. I find myself singing the lollipop song and I really don't even know the words. I haven't even started working on the first quilt and I'm already thinking about which one I will do next. I hope that you all find plenty of time to stitch today.

  16. Hi, Well you beat me. Hopefully one of these days.
    I've got Lollypop and Flower Pots to do.
    What is the name of that luscious fabric with all the different flowers?Love it. Have fun.

  17. the name of the fabric with the different flowers all over it is Bekah,#GP69, it is available in seven different colorways on the glorious colors website. There are so many different things that I can see I can cut out of that one piece of fabric.