Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I just received the new AQS magazine. There is an article about Kaffe and Liza as well as one re: using large scale prints.

I am prepping the fruit compote block. I had fabric exploded around my sewing area before I completed the major elements. Today I will tackle the little birds. Making fabric choices is not my forte.



  1. I'll have to look for that magazine. I'd love to see what they say.
    When I'm looking for the fabrics for a block my fabrics end up looking like they've been ransacked. I guess that's how it is when we have to look through the prints to isolate the area we want? :)

  2. It also has a photo of Kim's Lollypops.

  3. I will have to wait for the hand-me-down magazine to make it's way to me. I heard about this article! I am interested to READ it for myself. : )

    I REALLY enjoy the fabric choosing part of quilting. It saddens me that so/sew many quilter's dislike it. : / I usually have fabrics on every surface and an explosion in the studio, but it's absolute joy and oh so FUN...

  4. Is this the American Quilter Society magazine? My subscription must have lapsed, I used to get this magazine. I'd love to read it, I'll have to ask Liza if she has a spare copy.
    Yes I usually have a mountain of fabric kicked into the corner of the room when I'm cutting! I love it though. Kim McL