Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ann's Tools

So here's my pile of must have applique items.
Tall pin cushion to stand above my pile of threads on the table.( I put pins in the body and extra needles in the wings)
Thread..nothing fancy all purpose
Short pins for stems
Thin shank pins for positioning applique
Vase of water/paintbrush to remove blue markings
Fine point water erase pen
Freezer paper
Big eye quilting needles sz 10. I use the same needles for everything.
Rough cut scissors for lopping off extra fabric
Fine cut scissors for trimming applique shape and cutting into curves. I have a large tassel on them so they don't slip into the cushion of my chair.
Mechanical pencil (not in the pic)
Lap desk
Cheap magnifying glasses. I have several pairs scattered about the house.

Applique shape basted to freezer paper and ready for stitching. I have used the lightest marks I can to mark placement of the shapes with the blue ink.

My lap desk, which has a pillow attached to the back side to raise it a bit and make it comfortable. I use the desk to position my appliques and pin against. This has a zippered pocket attached to it too, so I can load my tools into it, clip my baggie with pieces and background with the clip and take it anywhere.


  1. Interesting to hear what you use for applique. I really like where your block is going!

  2. I can just picture us all in our sewing nests with our must haves around us. I wish I could get used to one needle for everything but I've gotton too used to different ones.

  3. Your block is looking great. Love the bird pin
    cushion is there a pattern for it? Keep up
    the great work.

  4. Your fabrics for this block are really nice--love the look of your vase! I'll have to try the lap desk idea, and awfully glad to see I am not the only one needing the glasses!

  5. Your block is looking gorgeous, Ann! Thanks for sharing your tools of the trade! ; ) It is sew interesting to see what others use. I like your tall pin cushion idea, and I too am a lap desk user.

  6. Looking great Ann, love the vase fabric! Kim McL

  7. Thanks for sharing Ann, I too love that vase fabric.