Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tools of the Trade

This is the outside of a great applique carrier that I bought several years ago from a Canadian quilter named Annette Johnston. Her company is Nature's Colours. Unfortunately, she no longer makes them. I love this bag!!!

Here are some pics of the inside. I keep my scissors, markers, and my trusty seam ripper on this page.

I have several different sizes and kinds of needles. Right now, my favorite is John James Milliners needle, size 11.
I have my Clover applique pins and another brand that's even smaller.

These are my Mettler cotton 60/2 threads. I got them when I took a class with Pat Campbell of Jacobean Applique fame. I've also got a donut bobbin saver with Masterpiece thread in the Frostings line. I know, I know. I don't have nearly enough. lol Give me time!!

This is the back page. I have my Clover needle threader that I couldn't live without, some Roxanne glue and my toothpicks. I can't fit the Cracker Barrel toothpick holder in here; it's way too big. I have KKB's Perfect Circles but I'm not sure where I put them :(

I keep the blocks and pieces I'm working on folded up inside of the bag and I can just pick up and head out at a moment's notice. I also use the overlay method. I took a Becky Goldsmith class once and I like it much better than any other way of lining everything up.


  1. What a wonderful organizer! Everything is in it's place and you can see just what you have. :)

  2. Great tote!!! I also keep a basket ready to go at all times. You asked me about my 9 projects, yes 7 of them are applique and the other two are embroidery BOM from Primitive Gatherings. I started the Civil War Bride (following that website also) and have 5 blocks done, need to cut out couple more. Also doing Susan Garmon BOM thru The Quilt Show, Alex Anderson and have designed 2 applique quilts. I belong to an applique group in Des Moines, IA and I'm appliquing something for that. Yep I keep busy.

  3. I really like the overlay method, too. I started using it with my Civil War Bride blocks and won't go back to any other method for those complicated applique projects. You are tease to show us that great carrier when it is no longer available. I did buy a fisherman's fly carrier and it is very, very handy. Once I get myself in gear and start ANOTHER applique project from Kim McLean's patterns I will post it.

  4. I have two bags similar to yours, Eileen. They are great for a grab and go project. I also use baskets, and I've been known to use antique pie tins, cake pans and muffin tins to hold a project and it's bits and pieces too. Whatever works, right?!

  5. I'm imporessed at how organised you are with the tote, It makes finding things easy I bet.