Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Block 3

My third Roseville block is done.
Wow, all those circles took me a while to do, they are definately not perfect, but I don't mind. I love the details Kim adds to her quilts, the little bird wings, the quirky flowers, the gorgeous animals. Her patterns are so addictive don't you think?
Below is a photo of my favourite Kaffe/Brandon/Philip fabrics. I didn't start buying Kaffe fabrics right at the very start, but I have been buying them for a while now. Kaffes fabrics below are still my absolute favourites, but then, I think all of his fabrics are favourites really, I never tire of looking at them or creating with them.
From L to R:       Kaffes Cabbage Roses, August Roses and Roman Glass,
                         Brandons Dapple in any colourway,
                         Philip Jacobs Banded Poppy in any colourway.


  1. Well, this is another FABULOUS block, Cathy!!! I love your use of solid colors mixed with the prints. : ) Your blocks are vibrant and dramatic.

    EXCELLENT fussy cutting too. The detail of that little yellow bird is masterful. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    I'm looking forward to what's next...?!

  2. I really like your color choices and I think your circles look great.

  3. The block is fabulous and I did note the careful fabric placement for bird eyes.I think I have too many favourite fabrics to list.

  4. Great work! I love how colorful it is. You are the one using the reverse of the Roman Glass fabric aren't you? It's a great idea just adds a bit of texture.

  5. Beautiful! My circles are never perfect either.

  6. WOW!!! Really masterful colourworks & fussy cutting there Cathy! It just looks so yummy. Love the orange and blue spots & the little birds. Nothing wrong with your circles, mine goes bumpy. You've done really well, just love it!!
    I also love that Cabbage Rose, I've made that into 2 skirts, a bermuda short and backing fabric for one of the quilt ( I think its the lollypop). We must like the same thing, I love the August Rose in that colourway, have made that into a skirt. When I say I've made it into a skirt, that means the dressmaker has done it! Also love the Shell Montage and Fish lips, but then I love them all especially when the new batch comes along. Sigh.. Kim McL

  7. Thank you everyone.

    Monica, yes, I am using the back of the roman glass, I think it is working well, not too overpowering, but adding circles of its own.

    Kim your skirts sound divine, what a great idea! I do have favourites in the new batches too, I'm hanging out for the new maps fabric that will be released soon, I know that's going to be a fav!

  8. Your block is gorgeous! Your fussy cutting is wonderful..just look at the bird's eye!
    I have so many favorite fabrics..but I love the Lotus Leaves, The ombre, and Roman glass, especially.

  9. Lovely block--such great birds! Your solid circles really sing against that background fabric!

  10. I love the little birds in that block Cathy and especially the pink ones. Too hard to choose a favourite fabric. I just want them all. Not that I am greedy you understand.

  11. I really like the Kaffe fabrics also, I wish I could replace almost everything in my closet. I love your birds, can't wait to see more of your blocks.

  12. Stunning Cathy!! The bird's eye is magical!