Saturday, September 11, 2010

4th Block Roseville Album

My sewing supplies.....I use the lap board when sitting in my recliner to pin pieces to block. For marking I use Sewline pens in both graphite & white, also Pat Campbell white pencils. Sharpie black marker to trace the pattern out on the clear plastic and to make Kim's pattern darker so I can see it better when I lay my background on top of pattern. I buy plastic drop cloth (medium mil weight) and cut it up to the size of pattern and trace, the Sharpie marker doesn't smear. Plastic overlay is for another quilt pattern but thought you would like to see what I'm talking about. Also for making templates I use film transparencies, such as for overhead projectors and from old x-rays film. I like to use YLI silk thread and Piecemaker applique needles. Since I needleturn only, I usually just turn my edges over when doing circles, once in awhile I will do the yo-yo method for circles. I keep my basket next to my comfy chair ready with supplies and with an extra pair of glasses to take to my sewing groups, which is once or twice a week....

4th block for Roseville Album. As you will see in photo, I've got part of the next block done and ready to sew next border on the Basket Medallion.

Will post soon,



  1. It's fun to have a peek at everyone's tools.
    Your #4 is gorgeous..and #5 is shaping up pretty nice too! :)

  2. You're making great progress! Looks like you work on several blocks at once (I'm afraid I'd get them confused). Your pink flower (upper left of #4 I think) is especially lovely! I use Piecemaker needles too.

  3. beautiful work (and I'm drooling at all that lovely silk thread!).

  4. It's Great to see what other's have in their baskets...your fabrics are the background.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Julee. It is SEW interesting to see how others stitch! Your blocks are looking fabulous. ; )

  6. Wow Julee, you're romping ahead with your blocks. Love the fabric choices, especially the big purple flower and the blue fabric in the vase, it looks like there is water swishing around. I don't understand this overlay sheet though. How do you use that? I'm actually learning and finding out a lot of things in this blog! Cheers, Kim McL