Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They're here!!

Look what came in today's mail! Yummy colors and my Roseville Album pattern. Funny, I didn't know it was tissue paper. Oh well, that's okay. I am so happy I don't have to go to Staples and have it enlarged.
Now I have to find a background. 9 1/2 yards! Good thing my guild's quilt show is coming up on the 25th/26th.
PS-Please don't think I'm criticizing the tissue paper. I was just surprised is all.


  1. That's the kind of mail we want to get! Have fun. :)

  2. Hi Eileen,
    A little bit about the tissue paper. When we first published Lollypops we were using Staples and the paper was nice but making the patterns was incredibly labor intensive. Every block had to be hand cut from big sheets of paper by us to be able to package it. We learned the only people who do printing the size we wanted are the people who do clothing patterns. The white tissue is their heaviest paper. Our only other option was to sell reduced size patterns and then the consumer would have to take those to a copy center. The expense to blow up the pattern is not minimal.

    I have grown to prefer the tissue paper. I use it instead of the plastic overlay for placing my pieces. It is stronger than you might think. I hope you find it easy to work with.

  3. EXCELLENT!!! Have a BlAsT, Eileen!!! ; )

    I happen to be a HUGE fan of the LARGE full scale paper pattern!!! And, it's not that thin flimsy tissue paper. It's pretty substantial. I'm not gentle and my Kim patterns are in good condition. I LOVE these pattens - please don't change them Liza!!!

  4. I am also a fan of the full sized patterns. I am using them instead of the vinyl or the red dot overlay that I have used in the past. They have remained intact despite folding and unfolding repeatedly.

  5. Exciting isn't it Eileen? I really love full sized patterns, it means I can get to the stitching even quicker. I found the tissue ok to work with under the block, I did give it a warm dry iron first just to flatten it out.

  6. have a wonderful time Eileen working with your fabrics, I hope you find a wonderful background at your quilt show.

    I am waiting for my fabrics to arrive in the mail, I would be waiting outside on my porch but it is raining. They are not due to arrive here on till tomorrow or Saturday anyways, but I can hope that the mailman will bring them early.

    I also love the full-size patterns, it is so nice to be able to pull out a pattern and not only not have to enlarge it up but tape it altogether and not have the lines match up.

  7. Isn't it wonderful receiving wonderful mail like this? I adore Kim's full size patterns, so wonderful to be able to use the immediately without having to enlarge them!! Have a fabulous time cutting out all those beautiful fabrics.