Thursday, September 30, 2010


this is a start.....

although I have adhered freezer paper templates and rough-cut them

things have stalled somewhat though, having trouble finding co-ordinating silk thread for the applique

seems I need thread to match each color of applique, have only found one to match the blue

and severe car repairs mean that I have no spare $$ for a bit

oh well, at least I have the rest of the quilt fabric on the way, and a full-sized pattern too (bought before the car went belly-up)


  1. I love your fabrics. Congrats on starting! Don't worry about matching thread colors. You can always use grey, it blends with almost anything.

  2. It's great that you've made a start. There aren't as many colour choices with the silk thread but often the nuetrals like th grey, taupe etc will blend in well, after all, the fabrics are multi coloured.

  3. Sorry to hear you're needing car repairs. You spend a bunch of money and still have the same car!
    I haven't tried silk thread, so I don't know much about it. A good neutral should work for a lot of the fabrics though?
    As I sew my pieces down I choose a thread color that matches the most predominant color in a shape, but as I sew I find that the color along the edge of the piece changes. It would be hard to have "the perfect" color?
    VERY pretty fabrics by the way.

  4. I agree about the taupe/grey silk as a match for most things. I have been perfectly happy using fine cotton like mettler, aurifil or masterpiece 50/60 wt, and have amassed a collection of colors over the years..

    Superior has a bobbin set for "applique-ers" that includes many useful colors. The colors were selected by the Piece-'o-Cake gals. It's called the "frosted doughnut" and has 36 different full bobbins of Masterpeice. I would probably get this now, if I was starting from scratch.

    Good luck with the car!

  5. Hello ladies

    I have only used silk thread once when i started appliquing i needle turned a antique crib quilt and i hand quilted the quilt and let it soak and came out to find all the applique pieces floating on top of the water the silk thread disintigrated.

    My quilt teacher had the same thing happen to her.

    I use Aurifil cotton thread now.

    Loving the quilts.

    Adele xx

    PS: Sorry to hear about your car troubles i have had my share of car accidents all not my fault. 3 in the last 4 months :(

  6. Not unlike the others, I find that a good neutral thread color often works well. I am quite fond of grey, and I have a pinkish-lavendar that works amazingly well just when I think it won't.

    Your fabrics are lovely, and knowing there are more en route plus a pattern is kind of exhillerating, isn't it?!

    Best of luck with the car!

  7. Hope your car is OK now! Just look at the fabrics, they are cheerful things! I'm glad you're making a start though.
    I agree, the mid greys should be fine, I've done that too.
    A bit of a worry if those silk threads disintegrates in the wash Adele. I've been using them and love it but I've not washed my applique quilts. Kim McL