Thursday, September 2, 2010

Center Heart Tongues

So AFTER Monica AND Lina posted I got my Ar** in gear and cut out the tongues for the center heart

And laid them out....

And at 10:30pm got the BRILLIANT idea that i had GIANT RICK RACK that could go in the seam on this block!

What do you think?

I also positioned the peach/teal dots around the square JUST SO (very unlike me).. and I decided all the stems will be in the fabric I did the teal inner heart... I think I have enough!

So Monica... Tag.. YOUR IT!

oh yeah.... Brenda stopped by.... I told her SHE had to join the blog... she took home a big bag of fabric for her heart quilt... the race is on!

ps... Liza I am going to try your front basting on a test piece.. I REALLY like that... showed Brenda.... just so you get in on the action!


  1. Oh, good, I get to be the first to tell you I LOVE your fabric choices. The background is inspired, the heart and the squiggles around it are very striking. (I never know what to call that piece.) I think the use of the same color (or tone?) of the "tongues" is quite successful. I have made the center of the this quilt and the first border--it will be a baby quilt. I'm almost done quilting it. I mostly used Kim's color choices and I am very happy with what I have, but I wish I had been a bit more adventurous. Next time (Flower Pots) I will be. And I'm going to try front-basting too--I had never heard of it before. Congratulations and keep going!

  2. They are lucky to have you here Pat. I'm lucky to get to read and see your work here too. Love how you put the RICK RACK on the square. The color goes perfectly with the rest of the block. Have fun - Hugs Nat

  3. Rick Rack is a great inspiration. I think that heart fab is perfect. Fun to watch your progress and see your stash unfold.

  4. Pat, the ric-rac is brilliant!! Love it - and the tongues/ scallopings whatever - main thing is the piece is working out beautifully. Cheers, Kim McL

  5. the ric rac is awesome and I love that beach ball fabric on the tongues
    keep going

  6. What a genius idea to use the ric rac Pat, it looks so at home on the block which is shaping up beautifully. I love the orange in the center.

  7. That looks so scrummy. I love it. The ric rac is perfect and ingenious. Have posted my start on my blog today.
    Well done to you.

  8. LOVE the rick rack, Pat!!! : ) That aqua ROCKS!

  9. I also love the rickrack. They just accentuate the middle heart applique and the color is perfect.

  10. Now I have to find a package of rick rack---ric rac and see how it is realy spelled. ;0

  11. The ric-rac is a brilliant idea! I love the center of your quilt. Using the deep aqua for your stems will be gorgeous. :)

  12. Thank you everyone!! I see rick rack or ric rac... so spell it like ya like it!