Saturday, September 4, 2010

Got some fabrics!

I finally have a pic to show. I went to my LQS on Thursday and picked up this group of Kaffe fabrics. They're all fat quarters except for the gorgeous floral in the back-that's the end of a bolt. Sad news-when these bolts are done, they're not ordering any more Kaffe. They've had these bolts for over a year and nobody's bought.(Thank goodness I discovered you all!!) I asked the clerk who does all the cutting and customer work why she thought they didn't sell. She told me that our area is just extremely traditional and they like the "country" colors-like Thimbleberries. Oh well, it's their loss, right?
Personally, I love bright colors and lots of them so onward and upward!


  1. I think if they would display quilts using these fabric their customers would also fall in love with them, just like most of us, very big grin.
    I worked 15 years in a shop and if fabrics didn't move we used them and they sold, sometimes people can't image what something will look like.
    Glad you got some, happy stitching

  2. I agree with Christine--if they'd just show the fabrics used (maybe in a more traditional way) they'd sell. I walked by the Kaffe fabrics in stores until just this year when I desperately needed some black/brown/purple fabrics to finish my top. After purchasing just a couple, I saw how they transformed my blah quilt into something I actually liked, and my new addiction was born! Looks like you bought some lovely ones--definitely their loss!

  3. guess you need to find another shop! or shop online!!!!
    Liza's staff is very helpful and can pick and chose fabrics for you for this quilt by just telling them what quilt your working on and what colors you love
    I have done this and have been very happy they know their Kaffe and kaffe style fabrics!

  4. Can't picture a quilt store without the Kaffes - there is Liza's GloriousColor online and you can shop in your jim-jams in the middle of the night!Cheeers, Kim McL

  5. I'm with you, Kim. The closest shop to my SW Michigan home that carries KF fabrics is in the Chicago area, so I'm a frequent buyer at Glorious Color. About a month ago I found 4 or 5 bolts in South Bend and bought lots. At the counter another shopper stopped in her tracks, leaned over, and began petting my fabrics, though, so I bet it won't be long before Erica's begins carrying more.

  6. I applaud your bravery, Eileen. When you have a block of two done, using Kaffe fabrics, I think you should share them with that quilt shop!!! I bet they will be pleasantly surprised... ; )