Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I completed my third block this aft----not pressed. I am not completely satisfied as I do not care for the leaves, but am thinking that in the overall project it will be O.K.

Seeing that there are two more Marys here so far, takes me back to school days when there were always five.

I have the next one ready to go and have a question. Do you build the flower or bird or vase before you put it on the background or do you place each component separately and stitch in place?

I have a 1/4" bias maker that I have had for quite awhile and never used and do not have directions. I can't get the proper width to cut the bias. I was planning to prep all the bias and think using the tool would be the easiest. I used the hera to do what I have used so far.



  1. I've used 1/4" bias maker with great success. Cut your bias strip 1/2" wide then spray with starch before inserting into the bias maker. When pulling it out from the bias maker, follow it with a hot iron. Hope this helps!

  2. i love your leaves!!! don't change until you've done a few blocks.. they might grow into the quilt at that point

  3. I think we can get a bit picky about the little things like leaves after looking at the block for so long, I think it looks fantastic, no need to change anything.
    I spray starch the fabric for bias strips before I cut them to 1/2" I store them on rolls so they don't come undone with the humidity.
    I would probably tackle the vase by doing the strips before putting the vase on the background and then they get tucked under nicely. There are so many ways and I go with what makes it easier.

  4. Lovely Block Mary! I don't think I would change anything there, it is looking fabulous as it is.
    I usually applique the pieces onto the background, whatever works I think!
    Look forward to seeing the next block. Cheers, Kim McL

  5. Mary, your block is lovely. Clover has some videos on their site. One is for the bias maker.

  6. Mmmm. I LIKE those leaves! I think they might just 'grow' on you. ; ) As the rest of the blocks are stitched up and the quilt comes together, they'll work beautifully.

    I sometimes use a technique I refer to as unit construction when stitching a challenging applique shape.

  7. I don't build layered shapes before applying them, I just sew the pieces to the background as I go.
    I like your leaves. They add a bit of depth to the block. :)