Saturday, September 4, 2010

growing lollipops!

This is my latest finished block. When I look at it I can hear the last episode of Detective Frost and the famous detectives favorite saying..."You're nicked!" Funny the unexpected things we sew into quilts but often I find I can remember what I was listening to while making something.

It is very exciting to see how quickly this quilt is growing into a mini forest of lollipop trees! Excited about this and absolutely freaking out about all the other things that aren't!!!!!
Three blocks are finished and one is at least positioned. I have to admit that I might take a liberty with the size of a circle here and there but generally it is easy and fun to get a good result. Now my favorite quote, more later. kathy


  1. OH Kathy it looks great! oh I love that blue background wow very fun.
    ah yes some of my circles in the Roseville Album quilt will be a different size then the pattern, OH well do what it takes to make it work right!
    your going to have this quilt done in no time

  2. Fabulous! i want to make lollipops... and love the black polka stem.... super super super!

  3. Seeing your wonderful blocks gives me incentive to prep another one.

  4. Gosh, your blocks are coming along great!! they are looking fabulous Kathy! Don't know how you manage all this with a busy store to run as well.
    Cheers, Kim McL

  5. Love the block with teal and caramel colors. I must take note of that combo. I have three more blocks to make

  6. Beautiful blocks Kathy!! Don't worry about the other stuff not getting done, it'll all be there when you are ready LOL.


  7. Somehow you found the time and just look at the gorgeous blocks you managed to turn out. I love the polka dot stem too.

  8. Your blocks are WONDERFUL, Kathy!!! I too love the teal and caramel color combination, and the polka dotted stems too. Nice fussy cutting also.

    They're YOUR blocks. If sizes change or vary a be it!!! ; ) Remember, there are NO Quilt Police, despite popular belief!