Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Just love this blog site and have followed it from the beginning. I finally decided to join in on the fun. I'm doing two of Kim's patterns, Basket Medallion (bought as a kit) and her new one, Roseville Album. The method I'm doing on the Basket Medallion is machine applique with glued turned under edge, leave in applique foundation paper (after washed it turns into a soft fiber), very small machine zig-zag stitch with invisible thread on top. The Roseville Album I'm doing by needle turn applique and probably will hand quilt it. I chose a very different background for the Roseville Album and actually debated about using it, but my quilting friends liked it so this is the one I'm using.



  1. so glad you are here Julee!! Can't wait to see your blocks

  2. Hi Julee welcome and I love your work looks great.


  3. Welcome, Julee! I am pleased to hear you are using two different applique methods and working on two different Kim quilts. I LOVE the choices and variety we have in sewing. : ) Thanks for sharing with us!