Saturday, September 4, 2010

I went with the purple just seemed like the right choice hey I can always change my mind later, I am saving that yellow leaf!
I have no problem replacing pieces in my blocks!
So happy to have Block 5 done of my Roseville Album! started cutting out circles to add to the block later
i want to have a lot of the blocks done before I add them in case I need more pops of a certain color

This was a fun block I love the bird in this block!
Trying to decide which block to do next or maybe a border block, I love those trees!



  1. It's looking really good, Kathie. I can't wait to see your trees! Michele

  2. I am so impressed with all you accomplish I barely get a block done in a month. Do you do needle turn. Your work in so beautiful I love reading your blog every day. I do not have a blog.

  3. thank you Nonnie, I do needleturn my applique, thats what works best for me. Roseville album just has me a bit obsessed right now I can't wait to work on it everyday !!!!

  4. Nonnie Kathy does do wonderful work... and don't let her fool you.. she works like this all the time... hehe!! I've know Kathie for a long time and she just works like a mad woman!

  5. Looking great Kathie, I do like the blue/purple!Keep being obsessed - Cheers, Kim McL

  6. It's looking TERRIFIC, Kathie! Have you begun the tree panel...?!