Thursday, September 2, 2010

This will be my 5th block finished as soon as I can decide which flower to use...

so should it be yellow or purple????

I will add the circles later when I have more blocks finished.
My tip for this block is to baste and applique one row of the flowers on the top at a time
they are so close together its hard to work with when you have all the rows of petals basted down. I may take out the one on the right where I had them all basted down as I appliqued not as happy with it but in the scheme of the quilt will I be ok with it after I have more blocks done?



  1. I like the yellow flower, seems to perk the block up :0)


  2. My first thought was the purple one, but after clicking on both and looking closer, it's a toss up--I can't make up my mind. I would put the block up on the wall with my other blocks and see which one fits best or adds the most. A lovely block either way!

  3. I recognize that bird!! :-) My first instinct was the cornflower/purple one -- the similar colors on each side makes it feel balanced, you know? -- but after enlarging them, I think the yellow, too! :-) It gives it a little more "sparkle!" Beautiful work...Your blocks make me really tempted to give Roseville a whirl! The repros are really doing it credit!
    Mary Lou

  4. Mmmm, I don't know, Kathie. I'm sort of thinking purple, but with a yellow center/base. I'd also consider a deeper richer color just to see if it would pop a bit more...

  5. I would go with the yellow flower. I think the yellow livens the block more than the purple.

  6. Wow, these blocks are looking really, really nice.
    My vote goes to the yellow, too. It picks up the lighter elements in the bird's wings and highlights the fabric in the flower directly above.

  7. You are doing great Kathie, I still am not game to start this quilt as I am really wanting to finish the other one.
    Bye the way I am going to Houston so I might prep some blocks and take them to stitch while away.


  8. My first impression is I love the vase fabrics. Don't think you can go wrong with either flower color. I like the balance of the purple.

  9. I went and had a look at all your applique blocks for this quilt and i would have to say the yellow flower would suit this block the most the purple flower is a bit dull. Can't wait to see this quilt finished it will be lovely.

    Your applique is divine.

    Adele xx

  10. I vote for the blue/purple one - follow your heart Kathie - it never goes wrong! Kim McL

  11. I'm for the purple but go with your instincts, they're usually right and so you get to choose.

  12. My first thought was to see the blocks together before deciding purple or yellow..but seeing the block by itself I like the yellow best? Choosing the fabrics truly is the hardest part of making the quilt. :)