Thursday, September 2, 2010

hand or machine?

How many are doing Kim's quilts by hand? What's recommended for these quilts? I enjoy hand work; I used to do needle-turn but it hurts my hands so I've started using the starch method. It's making me crazy here-there are not a lot of places that sell Kaffe's fabrics!


  1. I do Kim's quilts by hand. In fact, most of my quilts (99%) are done by hand. I enjoy it too much. Do whatever you like best.
    Here in Belgium it is not easy either to find Kaffe fabrics, and often, when you do, they are a lot more expensive than 'regular' fabric. I'm doing the Lollipops with fabric from my stash, to make it more my own and because I also see it as a challenge, if I can make a 'spectacular' quilt with 'regular' fabrics. But most of all, you have to enjoy what you are doing I think.

  2. I do all my applique' by hand but the quilting is done by machine.

  3. I do all my applique now by hand, I really enjoy the process
    for me its not a race.
    Kaffe's fabrics I buy them on line mostly
    Glorious Color has the largest selection and also has kits for Kim's quilts
    go take a look


  4. Hello,
    Here a little post from The Netherlands.
    I'm starting with the Lollipop Trees quilt, really fantastic. Just made one block.
    All the applique work I'm doing by hand.
    The fabrics I'm using are from Etsy and
    It's nice reading here, that there are so many people who love Kim's patterns.
    Have a nice evening/day (here's it's evening),

  5. Yes by hand and for the fabrics well as the others are saying buying them on line.

    Happy stitching

  6. There are some GLORIOUS online sources for Kaffe fabrics...! ; )

    I say, choose whatever method of applique that works for you. If your hands can not tolerate doing applique, there is NO reason these patterns can't be done by machine. I dare say you can even do BOTH!!! Just be sure to have fun!!!

  7. I am doing my applique by hand also but I do send my quilting out...cant really do it by hand and really bad by machine...have 2 quilters who both do fabulous work...

  8. I do mine by hand - only because my machine skills is probably at 3 on the scale of 1 -10.
    I rather enjoy shopping on the internet. Liza has ALL Kaffe fabrics. See Kathie's comment for the website. Which ever way, as long as the shapes are on the background fabric and you're having a grand time, that's all that matters! Kim McL

  9. I'm a needle turn gal, but may play around with machine and make a pillow top out of one of the blocks simultaneously for shortage of fabric!

  10. I'm a by-hand girl too. There aren't any shops locally for me to get the fabrics. I always shop online. The nice part is..with applique those gorgeous fabrics go a long way. :)