Thursday, September 2, 2010

While I'm waiting..

No pattern yet. I orderd the fabric pack, too. Not sure why except one can't have too much Kaffe sitting around. So i will post a pic of my all Kaffe DWR. Background is the grey clover. I started this at Asilomar in a Becky Goldsmith independent study class. It was the second Asilomar class I've had from Becky. The first was 5 years ago exactly. That's where I learned to applique. One week with her and needle turn is not scary at all. Finger pressing is the key, I think.

Anyhoo, BG has made a couple of DWR and between her hints and Marti Michell templates, so far so good. So, until I get my own blog back up, here is my DWR in progress and the daughter & son-in law who will receive of these days. The wedding was on August 7th.

I promise no more off topic posts, but there was Kaffe involved...

Kathy DB in Seattle


  1. Lovely quilt in progress and love the wedding photos. Your daughter looks beautiful!! Kim McL

  2. What beautiful wedding pics! Gorgeous bride!

  3. Oh, thanks! It was a "Glorious"day!!!

  4. I didn't take it as 'off topic'. It was a terrific reminder that life is always going on while we're planning and patching! What a beautiful bridal couple, what a great DWR!